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How to Show Love to an Aspie, Part II

Last night it hit my brain (a term my mo in law would use) how to effectively share my love of Mark with him.  So I said, “Mark, you know how much you like books?” “Yeah” “I like you more than that.”  Big smile.  I decided to share his mother’s love with him as she has been pained about this. “Mark, you know how much you like books and I like you more than that?  You’re mom likes you more than THAT.”  “OH”

Know what your aspie loves and say that you like them more than they like that.  LEARN THE LANGUAGE!




How to Show Love to an Aspie

Michelle:  Mark, I know you have said recently that you thought you were the only person in your world growing up.  I know your parents loved you but only knew to show emotional love.  How can someone show love to an aspie in a way that they know that they are supported?

 Mark:  Take an active interest in your aspie’s obsession.  Be very patient while they talk about it.  Let them be alone when they are alone.  Defend your aspie and make your defense visible. (I can vouch for this one. The few times I defended him, he went gaga over me.)

Michelle:  That’s it?

Mark:  What do you guys need?? You need a *^&%$^& truck load of emotions to feel validated?  I can see an emotional dump truck pulling up outside the house of an NT couple and pouring a pile of love in the front yard.

Michelle:  Yeah.  Well, I think that’s enough of this note.