Bridging the communication gap between high functioning autistics and neurotypicals.

About Happy Robot

I, Mark, was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome in July of 2012. I first suspected I had mild autism in July of the previous year. It was a real shock for Michelle to find out that her husband wasn’t at all who she thought he was. Apparently, I had put on such a great act as an “NT” husband that she didn’t suspect that I had no emotion. She just thought I was cold and unempathetic. It was a shock for me as well that I wasn’t normal (not really)! The diagnosis put things into perspective, “the things” being my WHOLE life.

Our specific background experiences uniquely qualify us to be mentors and/or coaches for those on and off the spectrum. Michelle’s experience in teaching music to auties and NTs for the past 30 years has given her insight into the many different types of brains possessed by her students. Her style teaches directly to each brain type and she has been hugely successful with her approach.

My (Mark’s) particular experience began in 1989 when I hit a figurative brick wall in my growth. By using a systematic approach to identify each individual problem and then logically develop a solution, I was able to overcome many of the obstacles despite being unaware that I had mild autism. I remember very well the techniques I used in my improvised self-development program. In my recent experiences helping others on the spectrum, I’m finding that the techniques I used for myself are effective.

In our nearly 20 years of marriage, Michelle and I have learned to communicate through my autism. At first, she was very much like other NTs. She shied away from verbal communication because she found it too awkward. I had to learn that NTs don’t communicate logically just emotionally. After much trial and error, we arrived at a very workable and teachable compromise in communication styles.

Happy Robot Coaching started in April of 2012 as a place for Michelle and me (Mark) to write about our experiences as an NT/Aspie couple of 18 years. Now, the blog has grown to become a place where we write about our past growth experiences. As an educational service, we also give advice to those on the spectrum, instruct Aspies and NTs on communicating between the cultures, and provide support to friends, families, and auties.

The rate for our service is $50.00 per hour.

For an introduction to the GAPS diet, we charge $200.00 for a 4 hour block of time to give you adequate understanding in how to use the diet for your maximum benefit.

We ARE educators and life skills coaches!

We are NOT psychologists, psychiatrists, medical doctors or providers or any other healthcare practitioners. Nothing on this page should be used as a substitute for proper medical care or supervision. ALWAYS contact your doctor or other healthcare provider before choosing not to follow their expert opinions regarding your health. Thank you.


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