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What Autism Feels Like to a Neurotypical

The past two days have reminded me what autism feels like to a neurotypical (NT). Mark had not been getting good sleep and may have ingested some sugar, sending him back into Aspieness. It wasn’t a complete reversal of NTness, but enough to make my world uncomfortable. Enough to remind me of the pain I endured all of these years.

I know there are a lot of people out there who never get a break from their autistic loved one. You don’t know what a break feels like and may be angry that I’ve had one after 20 years. You may not even believe that Mark is autistic or that a diet can reverse autism. Believe what you wish as I tell you my experience.

It is never happy.
It is never peaceful.
It is always searching.
It is never finding.
It is forever frustration.
It is never satisfied.
It is never present.
It is never connecting.

I feel bad.
Very, very bad.
This person is in agony.
I cannot help.
I try anyway.
I wear myself thin.
I have nothing.
I give more.

Autism doesn’t know.
It can’t see.
It has no eyes.
It has no ears.
I don’t exist.
It’s not their fault.
It’s just what is.
I hate it so.