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Shifting Relationships

Since Mark has lost his autism, I have been forced to ponder relationships. My relationships. For 19 and a half years of my life, I relied on emotional support from people outside my marriage. That’s a lot of years in a dynamic, depending on how long each person has been in my life. And looking back, some of the defunct relationships were probably overwhelmed by my emotional need.

So now that I’m suddenly getting emotional support from my husband, ALL of my relationships are changing. I feel the shifts. I’m calling less, texting less, and emailing less. I even feel myself responding differently when I do have contact. My entire life has shifted in a short period of time.

The shift has been wonderful for me as the last 20 years have been painful. Between trying to keep Mark happy and finding an emotional outlet for myself, I felt like I was alone. Always fighting an uphill battle. To suddenly have a Mark who understands his world AND my world is a pleasurable shock. I’m lost in this new world.

So dear friends and family, I’m sure I will come back around at some point. I wouldn’t have allowed you in if you didn’t mean something to me. Right now I’m overwhelmed by a new life… and I’m loving it.



Welcome to Happy Robot Inc!

We specialize in communication between neurotypicals (emotional beings) and high functioning autistics (logical beings).

As a high functioning autistic/neurotypical couple, we have a lot of experience in communicating across neurological barriers. We have formed this organization in the hopes that we can help other NT/HFA people understand each other. We are available to answer any questions you might have about your NT or HFA.